Inside Meat Liquor, London

Meat Liquor in London made it into our list of top burger joints, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to share Time Out‘s video with you so you can get a bit of the back story and see behind the scenes of this great restaurant.

The Best 5 Burgers in the World

meat-liquor-londonEveryone has their favourite burgers and what they think of as the perfect accompaniments to them so one person’s ideal burger is another person’s worst nightmare. Yet some places have such international renown for their burgers that they can claim to be among the top burger spots in the world. Whether you prefer your burgers as they come, or with tasty toppings like chilli, bacon and eggs, or pulled pork (if you do, check out this pulled pork recipe from, here are five to whet your appetite. Continue reading

The World’s Most Expensive Burger

Now, if you thought that burgers were just a cheap and cheerful snack, how wrong you were! Apart from the fact that gourmet burgers (with gourmet prices to match) are all the rage these days, you can also get what is the world’s most expensive burger, for just $2000!

My budget won’t unfortunately stretch to that, so you’ll have to watch this video by Furious Pete to see if it’s actually any good.

The History of the Burger

beautiful-burgerThere are few people in the Western world who at some point haven’t grabbed a quick burger or even sat down at a gourmet burger establishment and sampled the finer versions. The burger has become synonymous with the US but the idea behind it is actually much older. So, for those who want to know a little bit more about the origins of one of the greatest foods on the planet,  here’s a bit about the history of the humble burger. Continue reading